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Old Photos, Old Memories

gravesRecently the Peter’s Rock Association website received an email from Dave Miller of Falls Church, Virginia. He wrote, “I have recently taken possession of the photo album of my great-grandmother, Jennie (Sauerbrunn) Graves, who lived her entire life (1879 –1977) in New Haven. Among these snapshots are several of a family outing at Peters Rock dated October 8, 1911. The man on the left is Harry Graves. The woman on the right is his wife Jennie (nee Sauerbrunn). The boy in the foreground is their son Bill Graves. The girl over Bill’s shoulder is my grandmother, Gertrude Graves. There is an unidentified women behind and partially hidden by Bill Graves.” This correspondence led to a very memorable long distance reunion of this family.

There must be more old photos and old stories and memories of days long past at Peter’s Rock. This is a request to search for those old photos and to share those lost but not forgotten memories with the Peter’s Rock Association. These photos and stories will be placed in a historical memoirs booklet and some may be shared on our website and newsletter. If you have any stories or photos to contribute, you may send them to the Peter’s Rock Association, P.O. Box 762, North Haven, CT 06473, or email

A new generation of hikers, picnickers and birdwatchers will be taking their own pictures and creating new stories. If you have a new experience such as a great hike or a surprise sighting of wildlife or birds, please feel welcome to share your experience with us. Whether you have an old memory or a new one, we’d love to hear from you.

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