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Mission Statement

The mission of the Peter's Rock Association is to preserve, maintain and improve land owned by and located in the Town of North Haven known as Peter's Rock, for public use as a park, forest and open space, with hiking trails, picnic areas, observation points and other uses as determined by the Association and the Town. In making this determination, the Association shall consider such factors as the preservation of the land for educational pursuits including, but not limited to, geological, botanical, ornithological and scientific study; the development of passive recreational activities that benefit and promote the health and welfare of the community; and the perpetuation of Peter's Rock as an historic landmark. The Association, in order to accomplish its mission, will recruit members, volunteers and sponsors; solicit membership dues and contributions; develop and institute programs; and engage in general fundraising. The Association, in conjunction with the Town of North Haven, will work to acquire parcels of land contiguous to Peter's Rock.

Adopted June 3, 2004

Officers, Board Members and Chairpersons

Christopher Fletcher, President
Hugh Davis, 1st Vice-President
Joanne Chvisuk, 2nd Vice-President/Program Chair
Sandy Stetson, Secretary/Membership Chair
Michael Fletcher , Treasurer/Volunteer Projects Chair
Ann Lombardi, Newsletter/Web-Site Chair

Walter Brockett
Miriam Brody
Steve Fontana
(Honorary Director)
John Graef
James Lorusso
Theresa Zullo Marino

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