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Peter’s Rock
More Than a Rock in North Haven

By Jimmy White (4/8/10)

It’s time to take a hike where a returning Revolutionary War soldier once stopped to rest. Can you find his cave - the old wine cellar?

Walk past the picnic tables and pavilion and choose your trail color. Which one will you decide: easy, intermediate, or difficult?

Move onward and upward over the crunchy dirt, leaves, sticks, and rocks. Are those giant trees really hugging?

Squish, squish, skid and slide in the mud as you hear the chirping of the birds. Was that a robin that just flew by?

Watch out for the bright yellow forsythia branches! Could there be cottontail bunny rabbits or fuzzy tailed squirrels hiding under there?

Stomp, step, stomp step and you’ll go higher and higher, further and further. Did you see that big bumble bee buzzing along?

Pass the old farmhouse to the organic garden. When will those delicious vegetables be ready to eat?

Cross the wooden bridge over the bubbling Little River as you continue to breathe in the sweet fresh air. Are those frogs croaking nearby the mossy rocks?

Keep going up, up, up, and climb ever so carefully on that steep rock path to Summit 373’! Can you believe you’re as tall as the clouds with a view of Sleeping Giant and Long Island Sound?

Stay for awhile; sit, rest, and relax as you stare in amazement at the beauty of nature’s gift. Why don’t you snap some pictures of this place we call Peter’s Rock - definitely more than a rock in North Haven?

Note: Jimmy White is an honor roll student at St. Rita’s School in Hamden. Jimmy and his family are North Haven residents and after enjoying a hike through Peter’s Rock Park, he put his thoughts to pen and paper and wrote about their trek through the park’s trails.

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