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Peter’s Rock Park
by Paul Colella

Nestled in the Montowese area of town
Along side busy Middletown Avenue
Among the hustle and bustle
Of traffic, homes, and businesses
Is a vast and majestic place
That is aligned with
Many trails, trees, rocks, and slopes
That all lead up to a grand summit
Overlooking much of North Haven
And the surrounding areas that border
All of these parcels of land
And all this open space
That is a sanctuary of nature and beauty.

What a beautiful place this is
With a lovely brick walk way and pavilion
At the entrance of the park
And a flagpole surrounded below with bushes and
Flowers and these are very appealing to the eyes.
The entrance is tucked away behind a
Gas station that is always busy and occupied
But its long and narrow passageway is inviting and
It attracts many visitors and hikers during the year.

All those feet that travel up and down
The trails every day leave their footprints in the ground
As one foot after another walks about kicking up the dirt
And rustling through the fallen leaves in autumn
Or footprints left in the snow during the winter
And the weeds and overgrown brush
That bloom in the spring
With the return of the birds chirping in the trees above
While the warm sun shines upon this wonderful place.

In the shadows of the evening as day gives way to night
One can see the spirit of Peter Brockett,
the Revolutionary War veteran
Who once lived at the northern base of the mountain,
now moves among the trails.

These are the travel routes for hikers.
It is a crown jewel of open space
A true beauty of nature
A gift from our Creator
A place that all visitors near and far
Have come to see and appreciate.

This place is spectacular in all the seasons
And is remarkable, precious, and unique
For it is called Peter’s Rock Park

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