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Historical Documentary on Peter’s Rock

It has been said by those who sail the Sound that the summit of Peter’s Rock is the first land sighted from the sea. It has the distinction of being the highest point in North Haven, and if one climbs to the summit one can see all horizons.

Over the years, interested novice historians have gathered historical records and tried to piece together the chronological history of this distinctive mount. As related by Mr. Bruce Dumelin of the North Haven Historical Society, to those in attendance at the Peter’s Rock Association’s open meeting on February 6, 2008, a debt of gratitude is owed to a number of people for documenting this history. Some of those are members of the Brocksieper family who took many of the photographs of the Hermitage and the Rock at the turn of the century and to Mr. Lester Goodrich who saved and organized those historic mementos. Many of those documents are presently being compiled into a half hour documentary that will address not only the historical records, but also the geologic and flora and fauna aspects of Peter’s Rock.

The Association would be very grateful to any who may also have pertinent photographs or documents in their possession and who would be willing to briefly loan them so that they may be copied. Contact Shelley Wheeler-Carreiro at 248-2588 or or

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